Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Big Picture...

The Big Picture...

As I was packing and finding lost treasures - I came across this photo of Turner eating cake for the first time on his first birthday. I stopped to reflect and remember his reaction to the cake. He smelled it first - then grabbed the whole piece and put it up to his mouth. He then sat there for the next 20 minutes in the pose above literally "taking the cake".

We have been through a lot the past couple of years - but as I stop to look ahead - it is really all about the "Big Picture". It is about moving forward and "taking the cake".

The economy is a huge challenge. Finding a job is another huge challenge. Housing - yet another. In the midst of this tug-o-war we need to find the cake. We need to take it in and enjoy the cake that life has to offer. No one said that life is easy, most of us know that. My kids are learning. As a mom I do not want them to suffer or go without. I will teach them to appreciate what we DO have and not envy what we do not.

So today - go forward in life and "take the cake" matter how big or small the piece may be you will surely find PEACE no matter the size or flavor!