Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My love for children...

I have such a heart for kids - big and small. I got to go to work today and was actually sad that there was only one baby to photograph. I love to hold the precious little ones in my arms and marvel at how each one is so unique and beautiful.

The little girl above is one of Turner's classmate's little sister. At 3 years old she has got one heck of a personality! She is so engaging and I got such a kick out of talking to her and playing with her at our pic-nic/ bar-be-que the other night.

I told her that I loved little girls and since I had 4 boys maybe I could come to her house and bake cookies with she and her sister sometime. She replied "Ummm, excuse me...I do not think that is a very good idea." I then probed further and asked her "Why?" She then told me that I had to check with my daddy before going to someone's house, after all I had never been to her home before! Her sister who is little older told her that I did not have a daddy. Kyle (another playmate - age 6) announced "She does too have a daddy! She just does not use him anymore!"

Kids...you just gotta love them! I thank the Lord for my 4 boys although they are driving me a bit batty lately being together in a small room - so much of the time. Thank goodness there is a pool here! I keep wanting to escape to the lobby and curl up on one of the inviting overstuffed sofas to read a magazine, journal or just "chill". I then feel guilty for thinking of leaving my husband caged in here with all the boys - so I do not make it down there!

I remain thankful that we are in a lovely place - that we are all together and that we are all healthy. I am meeting new people with beautiful giving hearts and truly know what it is to be humble.

I struggled a few years ago when I was first in my small group bible study. They kept talking about being humble and I was not sure I knew exactly what that was.

Here is the definition -

Main Entry:
1: not proud or haughty : not arrogant or assertive
2: reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submission humble apology
3 a: ranking low in a hierarchy or scale : insignificant , unpretentious
b: not costly or luxurious humble contraption.

I can honestly say that going through what we have been through the past couple years that I am a humble person. I have been humbled and continue to be each and every day. I hope that you too - can experience what it is like to be humble.

Attitude is everything - only you have control over that!

Choose to be HUMBLE - not arrogant
Choose JOY - not Sadness
Choose LOVE - not hatred
Choose to SMILE - not scowl
Choose to LAUGH - not cry
Choose DISCOVERY - not stagnation
Choose HOPE - not fear
Choose to DANCE - not sit idle
Choose to be KNOWN - not hide

Make it a great day!