Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "Suite" Life of The Lindner Family...


Those of you who know me well - know that I get really excited by the beauty found in nature. As the kids and I were on a "photo exploration" walk - Trevan spotted this crane flying overhead. I had no time to really focus on it or even get my bearings - Trevan shouted - and I just started to shoot. I captured this beautiful bird as it flew right over head. The boys were excited and wanted to see the photo immediately. Having the modern convenience of "digital imaging" I was able to satisfy their desire. They got such a kick out of our conquest - that they set out finding all sorts of really cool things to capture on film. We are working on a book together - nature seen through their eyes. Watch for a preview!

We have learned lots of things while enjoying our "Suite" Life here at the Ayres. We have learned that co-habitation in a 400 square foot room can be a challenge - but can also be rewarding at the same time. We do a lot more hugging and snuggling as we are all "on top of each other". I have loved taking long hot "guilt free" bubble baths. When we had to pay all the utilities when renting our home I was always feeling guilty for filling the giant roman tub with hot water just to soak myself.

I would be interrupted a hundred times while trying to take a nice hot bath. Either the phone would ring, the kids would scream, the dog would bark or someone needed something!

Here I find joy as I am able to slip into the room while Stace has the boys at the pool or jacuzzi and I have the bathroom all to myself - sheer glory!
You have to find the blessings in the simple pleasures life has to offer.

I know that our funds are running out and this too will come to an end. I fear that now that we are getting settled and accustomed to living in a hotel - will be forced to a less conventional living situation and this will be so unsettling for the boys. Living in a hotel indefinitely is not a reality - so we pray that a more permanent living situation is in God's plan.

Still we FIND joy in each day. We enjoy meeting new people here and learning their stories. We love finding out each night what they will be serving for dinner - it is always a surprise! We have found cooking in the room a bit of a challenge - and trying to collect coins to do the laundry...but all in all we are settling in just fine. I remind the boys that we are blessed to be here and not on the streets or in a tent.

I am sad to report that Stace fell and sprained his ankle - but happy that it is not broken!! Finding happiness in an unfortunate mishap. In these times - this is what one has to force themselves to do. Otherwise it is so easy to slip into a downward spiral.

Taylor is doing well on his new medicines and seems to be coming back to us - the old Taylor is in there and I get tears when I see him emerge. He has spent time with us and he actually offered to take our laundry to his girlfriends home and do it for me today. He did it gladly, and took pride in how he folded and sorted it all. I know he needs to feel worthwhile. He wants to work and help us pay the hotel bill. I am so blessed that he is making progress and am loving each moment that he inches forward.

I am still guarded as I fear he may backslide - but I have confidence that he will succeed with all our prayers and support.

I am off for a little snuggle and huggle as Trevan calls it - again thanks to all who are helping us each step of the way - we could not have gotten this far without all of you!