Monday, March 2, 2009

It's another week...

Well we are into another week...we are still packing and donating. We have not gotten served but have transitioned the kids to the hotel. We will move our beds today to my mom's garage. We have only kept a tiny bit of things and the rest have been sold or donated.

We are starting again. Just bare necessities. That is, after all what we really need.

I must admit I have been thrown a total curve by the crashing of my lap top's hard drive. I just knew in my heart that my data could be recovered. When the "genius" at the Genius Bar at Apple casually told me that the hard drive was "toast" I went numb. I have things on there that can not be replaced and have not been backed up due to the stress and time restrictions that I have been under. I needed to by a "vault" at Apple to store all my photos on. I kept talking about it and just did not have the money. I now have to take the computer to a data recovery place that could charge me $400 to $3000 to get my data - IF they are able.

I am just sick. I feel like I was socked in the gut. Lesson learned - got it. BACK UP your computer. Just do it.

Turner is having a really tough transition - as are the other boys. Turner really needs routine and stability so pray for him.

The hotel is a far cry from a tent and we are so blessed by those who have helped make it home. I can't express how thankful we are to have such a nice place to now call home. The staff is delightful and the food is great. We get breakfast 7 days a week and a dinner entree and snacks Monday through Thursday. The kids love the pool and the scenery is just heavenly.

We have been abundantly blessed. I am trying to impress on my children that this is a privilege to be able to stay in such a nice place. That it is a gift. They have taken a new attitude and help tidy up and respect their surroundings.

Please email me with your contact info as I have lost all my contacts in my address book - :o(

Blessings to you!