Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"bungle" bee...

My niece Bailee has always called bees - "bunglebees" - now Trevan does too... It is so adorable!

Many people do not know that when I was first told that I would never have children and that I was infertile - I stumbled upon THE LEGEND OF THE BUMBLEBEE...

I adapted that way of thinking or perhaps just got a boost from reading it - as I suspect that the tenacity is a bit ingrained and infused into my God given personality...

Today as I was frustrated and a bit down I had to remember that story that I read over 18 years ago...here it is:

The Legend of The Bumblebee

According to the greatest minds of science, bumblebees should not be able to fly.
The size of the bee's body in relation to it's topple wingspan should make it impossible for it to do so. Aerodynamics says it is impossible. Statistics and studies all across the world have all come to the same conclusion, it can't fly.

The bumblebee may or may not know this. The bumblebee does not care...as we know it just goes ahead and "flies anyway".

I have a tattoo...one I got when I was battling infertility wanting another baby after having had 8 miscarriages - but 2 successful pregnancies - that resulted in Taylor and Trenton. I knew I was meant to have more kids. I got a "bungle-bee" tattoo on my hiney!

I was and am determined - don't tell me I can't fly...because I will go ahead and fly anyway!