Friday, June 5, 2009

Giving Hearts...

Alyssa Clark age 8 1/2 and in the Third Grade

There is nothing more beautiful than a giving heart,
that especially of a child!

Alyssa's C-Group at Saddleback Church

Turner and Jamison on Wednesday night when the
C-Group hosted us for dinner and games.

On April 2, 2009 I got a note from Christina Clark. She wrote:

Hi Janean, I've been wanting to tell you about this for a couple weeks, but I was waiting to get more details... A couple weeks ago at Alyssa's Kids Small Group at Saddleback, they were learning about service, and doing for others. The leaders asked each of them if they had anyone they knew that needed prayers or support. Alyssa told them about your family and what you're going through. Lo and behold, they have decided to do a service project on your behalf! The leaders have read your blog and are amazed at your attitude and strength through all of it..."

This past Wednesday night, June 3rd we were asked to come to the C-Group at Saddleback. We arrived and were greeting warmly by the leaders and the kids. I was so moved at how these 3rd Grade children we showing such love and stewardship to our family. We were served pizza, cookies, drinks and delicious cheesecake dessert.

One of the Leaders Sandy told us that they were outside praying in March. They all held hands and whoever wanted to pray could do so, when they were done they were to squeeze the hand of the next person when they were done, or if they did not want to pray they could just pass by squeezing the hand of their neighbor. Alyssa Clark asked for prayer for our family. I had never had the chance to meet Alyssa. I knew her mother through a Children's Store that I owned with a friend a couple years ago.

The kids then decided to do a service project to help our family. They all collected money, sold drinks and snacks at AYSO Soccer Games and one girl did a lemonade stand and alone raised $168.00. We were handed an envelope that had money and gift cards inside with a beautiful card that was signed by all the children. We will put the money toward our rent fund and the gift cards will be used to purchase much needed items and food. I was especially excited about the JoAnn's Gift card!! I love to craft! :o)

I can not express how loved we felt. What was so moving was how these kids embraced us, not even knowing us. They approached us and asked questions about our journey, asked if we had trusted God through it all and how hard it was for us. They asked the ages of the kids, asked where we were now living, how we were doing and played with Turner and Trevan. We felt like we were a part of a big family! It was the best night we have had in a VERY long time.

We then joined them outside for a game of "Spongebob Dodge Ball" played with wet sponges!
Turner and Trevan HAD to get in on the fun!

We thank all the leaders and children so much for blessing us and for "being Jesus with skin on" to our family. We had SUCH a great time and love that we have made new friends. We would love to see you all again and we are sure we will around the Saddleback Campus!

Thank you again - you have all touched our hearts and have left your "print" on the stepping stones in our journey!
Bless YOU!