Monday, June 22, 2009

Here we go agian...

Life Is Crap Store...

What can I say - other than - "Here We Go Again!"?

A kind person who read our LA Times Article called around and found a list of REHAB Centers for us to try to get Taylor into. One in particular stood out to her and she called and spoke to Shiree. She then called me and asked that I check this place out because it seemed like they would help us. I called - she was very nice.

She then took my cell number and called me several times a day while Taylor was in the mental hospital. She told me their program was $6900. I told her we could not afford that and she told me they would give us a discount of $2000. She then told me that when he was ready to be released to let her know as they may not have a bed. She said that they usually house 6-10 people at each home and have 2 homes. I felt the pressure to help my son - and told me that she would hold a bed $2500. I borrowed the money and she then told me it had to be cash or money order. I scrambled and got that in order.

The mental hospital called and said that he needed to have an "exit plan". He had just had a hearing that was to hold him for 12 days. It had only been 2 days and they were telling me to arrange rehab. In a matter of hours I had to pick him up and take him to the Journey Facility. They told me he was released to HER care - to HER facility and that SHE was legally responsible for him. I took him there at 4:00 pm on Friday.

She brought him to Saddleback Church for Celebrate Recovery Friday night. Saturday morning she called and told me that he was not happy there and that he was giving them trouble. She demanded $1000 by Monday. She said his meds were "way off" and he needed a psychiatric evaluation - which she would arrange Monday.

By that afternoon she called to tell me that he had walked out of the facility. I asked if she called the police and she said - "not yet" and that she felt he would "be back". We heard nothing from him.

Sunday evening Stace called to ask if we got a refund as he did not even stay 24 hours. She told us NO. She knows our situation and told Stace that the money came from "donations anyway". This is a CHRISTIAN program. We are floored. We have no signed contract. I received almost $500 of the $2500 in DONATIONS and that should have nothing to do with the fact he stayed less than 24 hours and they let him walk away - given that he is in a fragile mental state - without his meds - and not alert the authorities.

Last night we got a call from the OC Sheriff's dept to say that Taylor had cut himself and that he was back in the hospital on a 5150 hold now for the FOURTH TIME in 2 months - I do not know when we will get help!!!

This place is a CHRISTIAN REHAB Facility and there was no one there other than Taylor - she made it sound as if she was FULL. They then had him do yard work and wash all of their cars - when he asked if it was "part of the therapy" they told him - "No it is because you are living here now and you do what we say".

I can not believe they can keep our $2500 - this puts us in a VERY bad position...

Please email me your thoughts on this - as I am very exhausted - and need help.

Taylor is at Mission Hospital awaiting a bed in yet another of the 3 Mental Hospitals. They will keep him 72 hours on a 5150 hold. I will need to see if we can get a court order to get him help. I can't go on like this...

Please pray for me - please.