Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shutting it all out!

Do you ever wish that when you covered your eyes that all that's bad would just "go away"? Trevan pictured above, my youngest has learned this behavior from his brother Turner. Since Turner was just a baby he would "hide" from the world when life got to be too much for him. We later learned this was a coping mechanism for him. He still does this at almost 6 years old. He has an autism spectrum disorder. We recently learned that he has an extremely high IQ. Perhaps he is trying to share with us that when life gets to be too much to bear - we need to shut it all out and refocus!

Yesterday I did just that. We stayed in all day. We did not watch TV. We did not answer the phone. We together cleaned and organized our apartment, did some crafts, tended to the plants, cooked a meal. We talked, snuggled and had a very emotionally rewarding day. I feel refreshed today!

I am a "doer" and like to "get it done". I have learned to take my lessons from Turner. Being very smart and hypersensitive to social stimulation he knows when enough is enough. I need to "tune in" to myself and learn when to "quiet my mind" and reflect inward.

I was just driving home from taking Trenton to school in RSM and we saw a large white crane come flying right at us as we were stopping at a stop sign. It landed on top of the sign and we just sat - the 2 little guys and I watching this spectacular bird. No one spoke as if the bird could hear us. The bird had us captivated. Sleek, feathers as white as snow. Long graceful legs. Shiny beak. " that an Angel Bird from Heaven?" asked Trevan. "I think it is!" whispered Turner. I took the opportunity to explain that God speaks to us each day. He shows us His love by the beauty in nature that he created for our enjoyment. I told the boys that when we do not stop to notice these "gifts" that it makes God sad. "Oh!" said Trevan. "Well, then...THANK YOU JESUS!" he shouted! "We love your Angel Bird! Send us another one...this time wrap it in wrapping paper, with a cage and ship it to OUR HOUSE!" You have to love the words out of the mouths of babes!

Today I will divide my "To Do List" in half. I will take time to enjoy the "gifts" God has given me. I will spend time with the boys, we will walk to the lake and feed the birds. We will walk to their new school and enjoy the sunshine that has graced us today!

Find something to be thankful for and look for God speaking to YOU! Take notice of things you may not. God is all around us showing us each day that he LOVE US!

For this be grateful and embrace your moments!