Sunday, July 19, 2009

Making Memories

Making memories has got to be my most favorite thing to do.

I got the joy of making an unforgettable memory with my nephew Blaine and my 2 nieces,
Bailee and Brynnie. My mom treated us to a whale watching cruise off of Dana point.

We went down to the Harbor and explored the world around. Blaine caught 2 crabs,
Bailee took some wonderful photos and Brynnie flitted here and there perfectly content to just be at the beach. The beach is my favorite spot on the planet. The wind blew our hair about our faces as we drank in the sweet smell of the salt air. We squished the sand between our toes and spotted all sorts of magnificent birds, sea creatures and people. We ate a wonderful meal while taking in the scenery of the harbor.

We then boarded the catamaran at 5pm and out to sea we went. The swells and waves were like an amusement park ride and the excitement and apprehension paired together was a rush for all of us. Exploring the open sea for the first time was an experience I am sure they will not soon forget. We spotted pelicans, sea lions and gulls. We were rocked by the boat gliding over this wave then that. I could have fallen asleep if it were not for the innate desire to spot a whale or dolphins.

We watched carefully and scanned the endless ocean blue looking for any signs of sea life. Just as our time at sea was to come to an end our captain spotted a Minke Whale. Much smaller in size than other whales - but still big to us at 25-30 feet long, we spotted this elusive little guy among a sea of dolphins and seagulls. Minke Whales are rarely seen as they are a bit shy. We were all running on pure
adrenaline when we saw him and the huge pod of dolphins that chose to play with our boat. Racing, diving and talking to one another just feet below us - we were all so amazed by the wonderful up close and personal glimpse of sea life in their natural habitat.

We shouted and cheered in excitement with the other passengers. Salty sea spray gently sprinkled us as the wind whipped our hair about. The sun danced on the water as it prepared to set for the night. We got a rare look at the Minke, danced with the dolphins and made a memory I know I will never forget.

I could do that every day! I feel so at peace on the ocean - I think I am a mermaid down deep inside!

I know the kids had a blast and I hope to do it again with my kids and my nephew Brenton who stayed at home this summer to go to football camp and Summer School.

If anyone ever wants to join me on another whale watch - just let me know - I will grab my camera and off we will go - to make a memory!