Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prickly Parenting

Having God as your best friend definitely has great advantages! I have noticed lately that for every "ugly" "nasty" individual that I am forced to deal with, the Lord in turn brings "good people" into my life tenfold.

I must say that this blessing is not only refreshing but renewing. I feel a stirring an awaking of my soul when I am afforded the blessings of this kind.
I do not know if it because I am a relational being, have a great love for people, appreciate the differences that makes each of us unique or if I am just maturing. Whatever the reason, I am helping to find me again.

I am leaning more on God and know that I am no longer in the drivers seat - that whatever will be - will be.

In the past I think that I relished in the challenges that life brought more so than I do now. I am finding the peace and harmony rather than drama and dissension "floats my boat" these days. I do not like to to at odds with others and feel bothered when I feel that that has occurred. I have had to resign, step back and be reminded that it is not in my control. I am having to apply this to my teenage son. No, not Taylor - but Trenton. He is exercising his teen wings and testing the waters of disrespect and boundary pushing. I find it irritating, blood boiling and do not like the flushed feeling in my face when he chooses to challenge each and everything that I ask of him or say.

I go back to when I was his age and remember that I use to roll my eyes or say "sheesh" to my mom. I would spin on the ball of my foot in a quick turn flipping my long hair and storm off. I did that once. She did not like it. When I went to do it the second time she grabbed a fist full of my long locks and jerked me back around. Standing nose to nose looking at the extreme displeasure in her olive green eyes and watching them as they jumped from one of my eyes to the other - I knew that time would be the last. I do not care how much I despised listening to her drive a point of discipline home, how weary I grew as she went over and over things so that I would get the point, I would have NEVER dreamed of saying "Are you kidding?" or "Are you serious right now?" with a smart ass tone in my voice. I listened with respect and answered appropriately. Now even at 42 years old I would not dream of speaking to my mom with disdain and disrespect.

Why? What is so different? Where are we going wrong with this generation? My teens think nothing of disrespecting us, questioning us and telling us that they do not have to do this or that. I am at the point where I am not above giving them a smack in the chops. If Trenton does not stop arguing with me - and "poking holes in my logic" as he says - I will not be above showing him who is boss. I had a cute, sweet, dear little boy. Once the word "teen" was placed after his age in chronological years - all hell broke lose. I refuse to lose my son to the wicked, wayward ways of today. He has taken on a negative attitude. This person annoys him, that person acts retarded. He has nothing good to say - but rather spends most of his time blowing hot air about how things are just plain crappy. Perhaps a bar of soap is in order to break this "trash talk" habit. I hear Irish Spring Soap tastes nasty...putting that on my shopping list.

Take kids in school. They smart off to their teachers, attempt to break any and all rules for sport. No regard for the consequences. Did the genes become mutated between generations? Mind boggling. I for one - can not take another 13 years of this. That seems like forever. 13 years before Trevan will be an "adult". As though 18 the golden age miraculously brings on wisdom and knowledge. Ha! Taylor is no more of an adult than Trevan is and he is almost 5. Parenting - aint it fun?!

Had I know all of these things before longing for and dreaming of becoming a mommy - would I have changed my mind? Probably not. All the years of sweetness, cuddling, experiencing all the "firsts" are just priceless. I will cope and find my way through this dark, dank tunnel of "the teen years". I will just need a lot of prayer! I have had a lot of challenges in my life - but being a mom is by far the most challenging experience I have ever had.

I know that in just a wink - they will all be grown and I will long for time with them. I am trying to make the time we have now a pleasant and positive journey. It is just so hard to be warm and fuzzy to a huge cactus!

To think...I have FOUR boys - they are such little creatures. Wiggly worms, lizards, sweaty feet, gross jokes, laughing at bodily functions, the list goes on. I sometimes wonder why the Lord chose to give me all boys when he knows how I love the girly girl things in life. Oh...I may never know. But you can believe me - it will be one of the first questions I ask when we finally meet!

Off to feed my little army of starving little termites. Set a pizza on the table and watch it disappear in less than 7.5 minutes flat! At least boys keep things interesting!