Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Medical Test Results

Well, some of my results are in. I have Pernicious anemia and Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. My blood sugar was elevated and I have to go and have a fasting blood glucose test for diabetes. Today I learned that the biopsy of the 2 moles revealed that they are Dysplastic Nevi; pre-cancerous moles. I will need to have them removed and undergo frequent screening. Just a few more things to add to my plate. I will cope with them and move forward.

At least I now know why I have gained weight, have been extremely tired, have had skin rashes and a host of other things! It is nice to have an answer. I will start medication for these things and pray that I will start feeling good again. Extreme fatigue is no fun at all. I hate not having energy to enjoy the things in life that I wish to do!

Life is short - we need to enjoy each and every moment while we can! Today I will try to see what we can do to beat the heat and not spend any money. We are short this month as Stace worked more than 40 hours in the past weeks and his employer decided that they do not wish to pay overtime unless it is approved. This is hard for Stace as he is accustomed to working until the job is done - and not watching a clock. It has been difficult to adjust to working for someone and doing things differently than he has been use to for the past 15 years. Being self employed has it's advantages and disadvantages as with any job. He is still trying to learn that when you work for someone else, you are not always compensated in a way that is fair. Thats...Life.

We are still pinching each penny and are owed the $2500 from the Christian Sober Living Home plus $500 from a client of mine. Neither party will correspond with us. We will have to resort to going to small claims court, I am afraid. It is time that we stand for what is fair and just. We have to keep a roof overhead, as becoming homeless again would be so detrimental to the emotional state of all of us.

Going without trash bags and toilet paper - challenges of the Lindner Family. We resort to using small grocery bags and take the trash out frequently. We use baby wipes instead of TP. We can deal with this...not having a home - well that is another story!

Please pray that people will do the right thing and send us the monies owed to us. We owe friends and family money that was loaned, and we desire to pay them. We want to do what is right.

Taylor is home from the hospital and is on an anti-depressant as well and an anti-anxiety medication. He has been quiet and tired as he adjusts to these new meds. He is nervous and worried about his court date approaching on the 30th of the month. Pray for his mental state as this ordeal draws near.

I am off to shower and make the most of this hot summer day. I have 3 boys here to share my time with and intend on making it a great day for us all.

Blessings to you!