Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Hot Spot

I have been the "Queen of Free this Summer". Wracking my brain to find free and fun entertaining ways to keep my kids busy has been quite the challenge here in Orange County.

Drum roll please.........I think I have found my favorite spot!

Today I took the kids 5 minutes down the road to the new "DISTRICT" in Tustin. We found the pop up water fountain that is situated right in front of a huge screen that plays music videos. There are lovely Adirondack chairs and sun umbrellas for those of us who choose to stay dry and observe the fountain dwellers. I propped my feet up under a shady umbrella and whipped out my friend Mac. Mac Book that is. I like to take him where ever I can. I am writing this entry as the wind gently blows the wisps of hair that will not fit into my tiny ponytail around my face. I can't afford to get my hair done so it goes back when I can't figure out what to do with it.

I watch as they kids are mesmerized by the water popping randomly out of the holes in the ground. They can't figure out the timing and are surprised each time a stream shoots into the air. Oh, to be entertained by such simple things. It has literally been ages since I was able to shop and peeking in the windows as I walked to the fountain was a joy. I looked at the cute sundresses and outfits longing to possess one. I remember the days when I worked just so I could shop. Days long ago before marriage and kids. Now it is trying just to keep the lights and water bills paid. No TIME or MONEY to shop. Maybe one day again...

My thought is broken by Turner running over to dry his eyes and yell "This is FUN MOM!! SO FUN!"

I am glad. I know it will be just a wink and they will no longer be appeased by such simple things in life. I see a guy coming my way with an instrument in a bag. It seems that he is part of a band that will be providing live entertainment on the stage below the large screen. What fun! Free entertainment for me!

I love music and was so excited to have won Daughtry tickets for August 22nd. They are at the PURE Nightclub in Vegas. Now - we just have to save and find our way to Vegas. Hopefully I can get Grandma and Grandpa to watch the kids and Stace and I can steal away. It has been ages - literally years I think since we went anywhere with out them. Being so close in age - it has been hard finding anyone who wants to keep them. They can be quite the handful. I do it everyday and I can't say as that I would want to volunteer. Well see what pans out. I have learned not to make plans - try as I may - my plans get rearranged. Oh well...that is life. If we can't get to Vegas there is always eBay. I am sure someone would buy them!

I planned on making dinner tonight - but feel perfectly content sitting here and not worrying about it. Contentment - what a nice feeling. Trevan is content. He is laying in the middle of the fountain flat on his back staring up at the clouds. His eyes blink then slowly open. He looks so relaxed and content just being...still. He is NEVER still. He is busy, busy. Well there went that. In the time it took me to write about his contentment - it was over. He is now running about chasing his brother reeking havoc. Oh well - peace is just a fleeting dream to a mom of four boys.

Speaking of boys...Taylor is here too. He is walking about trying to find a place to purchase his one vice at the moment - cigarettes. He smokes a pack a day now that he is sober. Such a bad habit. Oh well, he is the "adult" now at a wise age of 18. Oh to be 18 again. I would do so many things different. But we can't go back in time - only forward. God made it this way for a reason. A reason only He knows. Not for us to question - but to accept, like many other things in life.

So with that I will leave you with the acceptance that my fun is over as I have to dry off one of my lil monsters and find a bathroom. WHY is it they ALWAYS have to go in public!?? Is that some kind of disorder? GottaUseTheBathroomEverywhereWeGo Syndrome. I think it is. Leave it to my unexpected gift from Heaven.

Till tomorrow...