Saturday, July 11, 2009


Although this photo is old - Taylor is beginning to resemble his old self again. He is 25 days sober and is doing well. It is a minute by minute - day by day process. Yesterday he went grocery shopping for me and planned dinner. He prepared lasagne, salad, bread and dessert last night for us. He had his former girlfriend and still good friend Kamille over and we all had a nice evening.

Today we will take the boys to see ICE AGE - as Turner's Birthday is in a week and he is so excited! We hope to see the cousins again and celebrate his day with them and Grandma and Grandpa.

I am sitting on my little front porch surrounded by flowers, covered by a big shady umbrella. I am watching the hummingbirds drink nectar from the feeder above my head and enjoying coffee. What a beautiful day!

Off to make some memories with my boys! Thanks for the prayer and support - I will keep you updated~