Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The HEAT is on!

My boys experienced POP ROCKS for the first time!

Before I knew it the cool morning had become steamy afternoon. In an effort to save money on energy and not run the air conditioning I decided to brave the heat and take the boys to Chuck E Cheese's with Taylor's urging. Neither Taylor or Turner usually like going to loud crowded places, so if they were game then I needed to be also. We headed to Foothill Ranch and much to my surprise the place was not crowded at all!

We had a gift card and were able to get pizza, 4 drinks and 40 tokens. I settled in and read the newest issue of Martha Stewart Living that someone had left behind. Taylor very patiently took the boys to play this game then that. I daydreamed of making the delicious recipes I found in the magazine with sun drenched peaches and blueberries. I marveled at the beautiful photos taken on the east coast - a place that I long to visit again. I got lost in the pages and decided that I needed a good summer read. I decided we would take a trip to the library when we were finished here.

Before I knew it, a piping hot pizza complete with melting cheese and crisp crust had made it's way to our table. We ate our pizza then off they went to play once more. Watching Turner and Trevan engage in an intense game of air hockey brought me joy. The look of determination and brotherly competition on their faces was priceless. What was sweeter, was that each time Trevan would score a point, Turner would smile and cheer for him rather than getting angry! They had a blast playing again and again as Taylor stood ready to help with a wayward puck, when their short little arms could not reach.

Nearly 3 hours later we were able to trade our 80 tickets in for 2 tiny packets of watermelon POP ROCKS. I remember my brothers and myself discovering these wonders in K-Mart in the late 70's. We decided to head to the Foothill Ranch library to check out some books. I loaded the kids into their car seats and opened the Pop Rocks. I was not prepared for the gut wrenching giggles that this mysterious candy would produce. Turner laughed so hard that tears streamed down his face!! Trevan squealed so loudly with excitement even a piglet would be jealous! Taylor and I were laughing at them laughing!! Needless to say the drive to the library was one we will not soon forget!

As we exited the van to go into the library, the heat hung in the air like molasses. I could not help but feel pity for those out working in this dreadful scorching oven, especially my husband. I knew he would come home very tired and exhausted. On our short walk into the library, I started feeling overcome by the temperature. As we headed to the checkout desk after retrieving some books, my heart pounded in my chest. My eyes grew blurry. My eyelids felt like leaded weights. I needed to get home and just relax. I told Taylor I was not feeling well and he went and started the van as to cool it off a bit. I was feeling so exhausted. I grew irritated with my health, or lack there of.

As we drove home I was disappointed that my thoughts are energetic and sharp. My body does not cooperate. I find myself daydreaming of curling up in a bed with crisp, cool, cotton percale sheets. My head resting on plump but soft down pillows. The room dreamy sweet with the scent of jasmine and gardenia. I curl my body around a large body pillow with a ceiling fan purring above like a baby kitten. The room is cool and I am snuggled beneath a cloudy lightweight down comforter. I slip into a dreamy state where I am swinging on a porch swing in the blissfully cool morning air. I sip freshly brewed coffee and admire the blooms I have worked hard to plant. The sun dances off the dewy wet kisses from the night. I drink in the fragrant blooms together with my coffee and I feel as though I am in heaven. The gentle blue sky is a peaceful backdrop to the sharp fluffy white clouds...

I snap myself back to the reality of the hot day.
I know that in a few minutes I will enter my hot apartment and break down and turn on the small wall mounted air conditioning unit. Worried that this 220 volt unit will cost a fortune to run, we reluctantly use it. We strategically place fans to push the cool air out into the room and hope that it finds it's way into the bedrooms. My dream of a fantasy nap is not possible in the heat of this summer day. One day, I will have my dream bedroom and my dreamy nap.

Just as I predicted Stace comes in dirty, hot and tired. His skin is painted red from the scorching sun. Although he applies sunscreen at 5:00 am I am sure that the sweat and hours in the sun without reapplying are to blame. He takes a shower and collapses in his chair. Taylor is kind enough to make us his famous Tuna Salad Sandwiches and serves them to us. As I get the kids fed, teeth brushed and into bed, I notice Stace is not in his chair. I look into the bedroom and he is fast asleep and it is only 8:00 pm!

I now sit here with Taylor writing to you and thanking the Lord that Taylor seems to be doing better. I take it minute by minute with him, as I never know what can trigger his downward spiral. For now I will enjoy sitting in his company and being his mom. I am blessed.