Monday, July 6, 2009

Lights Of My Life

Summer means seeing family!
This year Trenton went up North and the other Cousins came down South...
Brenton had to say behind for Summer School and Football - so he and Trenton are entertaining themselves in Salinas.
Below are my brother Brent's other 3 kids - Blaine - age 13, Bailee age 11 and
Brynnie age 9 - with my guys -
Turner age 5...almost 6! - and
Trevan age 4... almost 5!

My little "Bitty Bee" Brynnie

Trevie - the lil fishy!Kissing Cousins! Brynnie and Trevie - the babies in our family!

My "Rosebud" the first born Girl - Bailee May

What fun - I can't wait till they come back - we love them so - ! ! !