Friday, September 11, 2009

And they are off!

The Kids are OFF to SCHOOL!

Yesterday was an eventful day.  Turner and Trevan had a good day at their new school  Trenton had an orientation and today is his "official" first day.  We got everyone off to school, got them all picked up.  Had a busy afternoon and evening.  I am trying to get into the mojo of the back to school routine.

It is a tiring process.  But I will muddle through!  Yesterday was our 21st Wedding Anniversary - with no hoopla or pomp and circumstance.  I do not think Stace even as much as kissed me yesterday.
We were like 2 ships passing in the night.  Perhaps another time - we can reflect on the long journey of what is referred to as "married life".  One day, when kids are not starting new schools, when socks do not need to be found, when lunches don't have to be packed, when laundry is not piled in the baskets, when papers do not have to be filled out and returned to schools, when the house does not need straightening and when kids do not need bathed and put to bed.  I am sure I left half a dozen things out - but you get the point!

Having kids is a full time job and sometimes being a "wife" and all that is required to "fill that position" takes a backseat.  I know, God first; husband second then kids.  I just have a really hard time being all that I am suppose to be to all those in my life.  It is a weakness - we are all weak in some way or another.  So I have room for improvement.  

I got the kids off to school then went to Church to help out.  I had a blast.  I got Trevan picked up in time and home for lunch.  Today I will prepare a nice meatloaf (Stace and Taylor's favorite) and try to make amends with my husband by way of a nice dinner.  Hopefully he will not be home too late to eat it and it will be to his satisfaction.  We shall see!  All I can do is try!  Afterall - isn't it the thought that counts?  I am a good cook that is not the issue.  It just seems that Stace thinks he is the BETTER cook - so he tends to critique my work.  I am use to it now - after 21 years.  As irritating as it is - I have to just let it roll off.  He is who he is.  He can never know what it is like being a mom and I will not know his lot in life as a dad.  It is what it is!

Now - off to coach Taylor on finding a job.  This is a dubious task.  He is doing well at the moment - thank the Lord.  Each day is a new day and poses challenges.  I am thankful for each day he does not use.  He is pretty high maintenance and does not always get along with the lil guys so this is stressful for me.  Pray that he finds suitable employment soon - not too far away and that he will gain some independence.  Having an "adult child" is harder than having little ones.  God gave me these kids for a reason and I am doing my darndest to do the best job I can!

So - with that I will go forth and make meatloaf, then pick up Turner and then take Taylor to apply for a job at Target!  All in a days work!