Saturday, September 19, 2009


I was busy creating 13 entries for Pastor Rick's New Book Cover Contest yesterday.  There were nearly 3000 entries so I am sure my chances are slim - but there is always HOPE - right?

HOPE is the one thing that I had to have the past years with all that we went through.  Without HOPE there would be nothing.  I combined HOPE with my FAITH to just simply keep going on.

I can't wait for his new Book - "The HOPE You Need" to be released on November 17th!

I may not win, but enjoyed the opportunity to be included in the contest!

Today I was looking forward to photographing the Football game of Chris Plaza.  Trenton played on his team 2 years in a row and we are sad that Trenton did not get to play this year.  We were going to go to the game tonight and I was going to take pics.  This afternoon I got struck with a terrible pain in my stomach and dizziness.  I laid in bed contemplating running to the toilet every few minutes.  I am now trying to sit up without the room spinning.  I pray I do not have the flu.  I just CAN'T get sick - there is NO TIME for such a thing!!

Stace has worked 7 days in a row and just got home from working today - he is hot and tired and just announced as he walked in - that he too - feels SICK!

So, say a prayer and HOPE that we do not have the H1N1 Virus or any other for that matter!!  We'll see what tomorrow holds!