Saturday, September 26, 2009

You think I am a WHAT?!

Recently I was contacted by a writer that wanted to do a story on me.  She said she had been following "us" for quite sometime and her editor was interested in featuring us in a piece.

I agreed and have been answering her questions via telephone conversations and emails.

Yesterday she sent me a "rough draft" titled - "Janean Lindner: VICTIM of Circumstance or Declining Economy?"

I nearly fell off the sofa!  I sat dumbfounded with my mouth gaping open.  My little guy Trevan came in the room and said - "Mom - why do you look like that?"

I know I have been a bit emotional lately due to the stresses of life combined with lack of sleep - but I felt so offended that this is what she thinks of me.  A VICTIM?  Really?

If I died tomorrow I would want my kids not to think of me this way!  I am NO VICTIM!  I am a SURVIVOR!  I CHOOSE joy.  I CHOOSE hope.  I CHOOSE to have faith.  I am not nor ever will be a VICTIM!

I can not believe that if she really took the time to read my blog that she came away with this impression.  I called her right away and asked "WHY" the title.  She then told me that they were interested in evoking sympathy in their readers and that they wanted to write about an ordinary mom living an ordinary life that fell VICTIM to either circumstance or the declining economy.

I quickly attempted to let her know that people only like to read other people's sorrow filled storied to make their own lives seem better.  Isn't it better given the emotional state of the nation to write to INSPIRE people to rise above and not allow themselves to become VICTIMS?  I asked her to convey to her editor that I want to be featured as a VICTOR.  I want people to have hope that they too can keep on keeping on with God's help.  We can not do anything on our own volition.  We NEED GOD.  We were made to need him.

I want people to see that when mountains are placed in my path, I choose, with God's help to climb the mountain and then shout from the top.  I then relish in the downward climb until the next mountain comes along.  I draw strength from the challenges and the trials so that I can share with and help others along their climb.

I am anxiously awaiting the reply and it will be interesting to see where this story goes!