Thursday, September 3, 2009


There are still some things in life I can not and perhaps will not ever figure out. 

ONE thing of late is the desire that some people have to be so bristly.  I can't figure out why people invest so much time into being nasty, and negative.  You know the ones.  They want to be the DARK CLOUD on your SUNNY Day.  The only thing I can guess is that they are SO miserable with themselves that they feel and innate desire to try to project these feelings off on others to make themselves feel better.  That must be it.  I do not respond well to nasty.  If people actually think that I will do what they want me to, by being hideous to me - they are way off base.  Sorry. 

I have a confession...I DESPISE Bristly People.  I know, I know.  I must love thy neighbor as thyself.  It is a weakness of mine.  One that I will work on.  I have brought it to the light, shared it with you and now I have to be held accountable for my lack of tolerance for those who choose to whine their way through life's paths.  I want to say - "Get a GRIP!"  Instead I just go outside and put my face towards the sun and drink in the SUNSHINE.  I own that.  MY Sunshine...MY HAPPINESS.

WHEW!  Glad I got that off my chest. 

Now moving on in a more positive direction.

For those of you who do not know...I am on a mission to get fit BEFORE my Missions Trip to Kigali, RWANDA, Africa.  I have given myself 10 months to lose 30 pounds.  Very doable.  This is 3 pounds a month. 
So, on September 1st I started my journey.

I got weighed, measured AND went to BOOT CAMP.  I barely survived.  I know now my strengths.  I know now my weaknesses.  I am going to use this useful information to guide me in my workout plan, once I can actually move again.  Today I am going to go swimming with the kids - as I pray this will loosen my very sore, stiff body so I may be able to climb the stairs to my apartment once again without screaming out in pain.  I really wish my little iPod Shuffle had not just grown legs and "walked away" as I LOVE music and would love to have that when I go to the gym here at my complex.  Oh well, we can't have everything, right?  Anyone have an extra that they are not using?? :o)

I went to the grocery store last night to purchase much needed "clean foods" to have here.  It seems if the shopping is left to my husband he comes home with loads of junk.  He prefers sweet rolls and chocolate donuts to my yogurt, fruit and granola breakfasts.  His ideas of lunches for the kids are frozen pizzas and mine are fresh fruits, raw veggies and a turkey sandwich.  His favorite dinner is anything Mexican, I swear he was born in the wrong country!  I on the other hand prefer lighter meals with tossed salads, fresh fish, fruits and steamed veggies.  Somehow at the market TAYLOR slipped a box of chocolate donuts and an angel food cake into the cart.  I am exercising great self control and will not indulge in either.  It helps that I think the waxy chocolate covered donuts are gross and I think that Angel Food Cake tastes like cotton with a dab of sugar.  NOT my idea of a good cake.  YUK!

So, as my boys are consuming their LAST chocolate donut for breakfast I will be eating shredded wheat cereal with fruit.  I will then have a yogurt and fresh fruit snack mid morning.  We will go swim.  Then we are cleaning out the remaining closets for things to go to our ROAD TO RWANDA GARAGE SALE - it is THIS Saturday!  I will post the address tomorrow!  Come on out and see us!  We will have LOADS of great stuff to sell!

Off to loosen my very stiff muscles and be productive today.

Gonna find MY SUNSHINE!