Friday, September 18, 2009

My Office...

I am SO Blessed!  I am SO close to the beauty and perfection in nature this is just a short drive from my house!  Many of you know that the Beach is my favorite place in all the world.  It is just amazing.
I had to share this photo with you - it is just so relaxing! So, greeting from "my office"!

Speaking of RELAXING...I had planned on doing a bit of that today.  But after a busy week I am not sure if that will happen.  Tuesday we started the Small Group - God's Healing Choices.  It was great!
Wednesday was the start of Kids Small Groups.  Trenton, Karen, Kabrina and I have been blessed with a great group of kids.  I am so excited to get to know all of them and grow with them this coming year!  I know we will have a lot of fun together!  Much to our surprise - it is the BOYS that are the chatty ones!  Our girls were quiet and subdued! 

Yesterday I volunteered at Trenton's Middle School and that was a lot of fun.  We ended the day watching my friend's son Trey.  The boys played well together and then off to bed.  Today I am taking poor Taylor back to the doctor to see if we can get a handle on the terrible rash that he broke out with on Monday.  He is in pain now and it is spreading like crazy.  We will see what they say today!

I have been sending letters off in an effort to collect Auction Donations for our Dinner and Silent Auction for Rwanda.  I am so pleased by some of the donations!  People can be so wonderful and it warms my heart by the generosity and the giving spirit of some.  Thanks to you if you have donated - it really makes me smile!

So today we end the first full week of school.  Little Turner missed school this week.  Allergies, Asthma - Virus- who knows.  He ran a fever yesterday - and is coughing.  I hope he gets well this weekend so he can go back to school next week!

It seems the sun is up now - and I have a house full of sleeping boys.  Time to make my coffee and rally the troops.  We had no hot water 2 days in a row - seems the boiler was broken in the complex.  Pray that there is some today!  Nothing like starting the day with a COLD shower! 

Off to brew some coffee - another highlight of my day!  Complete with coconut creamer and 3 splenda it is my little slice of bliss...a nice way to start the day!!

On a side note - we are still taking CANS and BOTTLES for our RECYCLING for RWANDA!
Let me know if you can save the for us!!