Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Living Simply...

Do you know what it is to live Simply so you can Simply LIVE?

Most of us do not.  Some of us do.  Do people live simply by choice?  Most do not.  Some of us do.  

In our situation we were forced to live we could simply live.  Attempting to sell and or give away most all of your material possessions that have been with you, hauled from one place or another for nearly 20 years was not easy.  

Did we do this to make our live easier.  Certainly not.  We were forced by circumstance.  Was it hard?  You bet.  Are we better for it, we sure are.  

You see, I use to enjoy being able to treat myself to acrylic nails.  Most ladies today do too.  I was forced to give up this luxury.  Now I find pleasure in clipping my nails, running a file over them and quickly applying clear polish.  Simple.  It makes me feel pretty.

Pedicures were a must for me.  I LOVE having pretty feet.  I can not afford to do this now, so again I do this myself.  Simple things that most people think of as necessary are not at all.  They are luxuries.

I ask you what could you give up to live simply?  
Starbucks?  Cable TV?  Internet Access?  Driving the toll road?  Dining Out?  Shopping in a Mall?  Using CHARGE CARDS?  Leasing a new car?  Going to the Movies?  Playing Golf?  Buying Wine?  Extra curricular Activities for the Kids?

Most people say "HECK NO!"  

But what if you were forced to do these things?

Could you, would you... survive?  The answer is YES.  

I know first hand.  I know we are not alone.  Many of you reading this are feeling the financial pinch of the downward spiraling economic disaster.  I challenge you to think of the things you indulge in, things you think are necessary.  Could you cut back?  Could you do without?  Could you actually SAVE money instead of spending it?  YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MAY BE FORCED TO LIVE SIMPLY!

Be proactive.  I promise you - you will be better for it!

Does your kid really need 50 video games or the latest and greatest video game system?  Do you really need a NEW cell phone?  Does your kid NEED a cell phone?  What about bikes, scooters and skateboards - do they need a new one each year?  Can you stop eating out so much and make meals at home?  What about doing chores around the house FOR FREE?  Do we really have to pay our kids?  Can we not reward them with a trip to the beach, a one on one "date" with mom or dad or something SIMPLE?

I am not judging you.  There was a time when we were doing quite well and as parents wanted to give our kids things.  Things they thought they needed.  Now they have almost nothing.  They have learned that we live SIMPLY so that we may simply LIVE.

It is hard and they feel cheated, but in the end - when they are grown they will appreciate the things they can buy for themselves much more.  I believe they will learn the VALUE of the dollar when it is their dollar.

My brother's girlfriend is very frugal and is an expert at saving money.  She has just started a website to help others learn her money saving efforts...

Check out her site:  Super Saving Sense With Sara 

I hope I have inspired you to think a little about how you live and where you may be able to cut back, save and live SIMPLY.

As I said before - you never know when YOU may be forced to!