Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am still alive!

I will start my day backward.  I just returned home after SURVIVING my FIRST Boot Camp!
Whoo - Hoo!  I did not keel over - well almost.  But the important thing is - I did it!  I was like a contestant on the Biggest Loser - I felt like I was going to barf, pass out or just cry - but I kept going.  Of course I can't RUN like the others or hardly do a push up - but I did manage to sweat buckets!

I am going to be so unbelievably sore tomorrow!  I already preloaded some Advil - to help while I sleep.  I have a goal to lose 30 pounds in 10 months - so I am RWANDA READY!  I hope you pray for me each step of the way - as I am gonna need it!  I am old and tired!

I also committed to being a Small Group Leader for the New Study!  I know - I am a KSG Leader - but I can do it!  After all I had a great teacher - Amy Julian!  She was my Small Group Leader for years and she also had  C-Group!  So, Aim - I may be calling you for advice!  Hope you don't mind!

Before my huge fitness feat - I got Trenton registered this morning for his new middle school.  All went well.  Then this afternoon the boys and I took our cans and bottles to recycle for RWANDA.  That was fun!  We made $10.20!  It is a start!

At 2:00 pm lil Trevie had his teacher orientation and the teacher tested him for 10 minutes.  When she was done she told me that he was not very prepared to start school.  My heart sunk.  I know he was nervous and will do great.  Of all my boys he is the one that is MOST ready for almost any new task.  So, tomorrow we are off to get back to school haircuts by Michelle Scott at Jon Paulo - she is bartering her services for mine.  Very cool arrangement!

Then off to do laundry and shop for backpacks, school supplies and then sort and donate items for our Road To Rwanda Garage Sale that is this SATURDAY!  Let me know if you have items to donate!!!

Off to bed  - sore muscles and all!  I can't wait to eat in the morning - I am hungry now!