Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sending them off . . .

Sending them off with Kisses and Hugs...

Tomorrow will be the first day of school for 3 of my boys and my 21st Wedding Anniversary.  I will be sending the boys and man I am married to, off on their journeys with KISSES and HUGS.

Trenton enters 8th Grade at a new school.  Turner enters 1st Grade, in Special Day Classes also in a new school.  Little Trevan will begin Kindergarten.  WOW.  I did not think a few years ago that this day would come soon enough!  Now it is here and I wonder where the years have gone.  One melding into the next until they all seem like a big blur.

What shall I do with my 3 hours?  I am sure I will find something to do.  I am hoping to get a workout in, pick up the house and think about dinner.  Once I get Trevan from school we will have 3 more hours before the other two are home.

I am doing mountains of laundry in my parents garage and I sit here with the back door ajar and a nice breeze blowing over me.  My boys are playing out front, within earshot and I have a moment of peace between folding and loading more into the washer.  I think of how I have been humbled this past year or two and am thankful for the experiences that I have had.  Painful at times, but necessary.

I know the Lord uses people, experiences and trials to shape us.  Just as my boys will gain experience tomorrow doing something outside their comfort zones.  Making new friends, experiencing a new school, meeting a new teacher.  Scary...but necessary.

I am a bit amazed too, that Stace and I have hung in there in the marriage game for 21 years.  No, it is not all marital bliss - or any kind of bliss for that matter.  What the heck IS "bliss"?  
It is work.  We got married.  No one said it would last.  We met on a cold day in January and were engaged just a month later on a colder day in February.  We then married on a HOT day in September.  We moved.  We built a house or two.  We had 4 boys.  We are still working to raise them.  Maybe one day there will be time for us.  Who knows.  But for now, we have another year under the belt called "marriage".  Happy Anniversary Stace!
I don't expect flowers or a gift.  We are way past that.  There is no money for a nice dinner.  We will wish one another a "happy anniversary" and that will be that.

Well, back to this game called LIFE.  My nice breeze has died down and I hear the dryer coming to a stop.  Time to fold warm clothes and complete yet another load.  At least the kids and Stace will have clean clothes tomorrow as I hug and kiss them and send them on their way!