Monday, August 31, 2009

Lessons Learned Each Day...

Life is full of lessons.  Some, more serious in nature than others - but lessons none the less.  Today was just a day filled with
lessons learned.  

TAYLOR learned that substitutions are not always the answer...

Taylor has not been making the most wise choices and is on the Sh*t List if you will.  In an effort to make a meager attempt to get on my good side he did the dishes.  Instead of informing me that we were out of dishwasher TABS he just thought a few squirts of concentrated dish washing SOAP would do the trick.  About 30 minutes later I came around the corner and nearly landed on my "bum-bum".  SUDS were pouring out of the top, sides and bottom of the dishwasher and creeping across the kitchen floor.  I just had to laugh.  I too had done the same thing when I was a teen.  You just have to laugh sometimes in the face of a disaster!  My floor is really squeaky clean now!

TRENTON learned that there is a reason why God made ME the mom and NOT him.

While in Wal-Mart we put each of the little sprouts in separate carts as to keep them contained and to aide in keeping my sanity.  Trenton had to push one and I pushed the other.  I was having a brain fade and put Trevan (oil) in Trenton's (water) cart.  They do not get along AT ALL.  I seriously do not know why I did not remember this at the time!  Anyway - Trenton has to correct every little thing Trevan does.  After placing a gallon of the ever disappearing milk into the cart between Trevan's legs, he decided he wanted to hold it on his lap to make him cooler.  Trenton had a HUGE issue with this - for reasons still unknown to me.  He proceeded to attempt to grab the milk from him as he leaned over the cart - a struggle ensued and somehow Trevan got popped in the mouth.  I heard a blood curdling scream and before I could turn around I saw that people in the aisle were looking, staring and one lady cupped her hand over her mouth and turned away.  I spun around with my heart pounding to see Trevie screaming, tears spilling down his cheeks, saliva and blood dripping from his mouth.  I quickly assessed the situation to see where the blood was coming from to find 3 punctures in his lip that matched up perfectly with his bottom teeth.  Trenton quickly labeled the incident as an "accident" - but from the looks of the passersby and from my extreme look of displeasure I think ( or hope) he learned a lesson here.

TURNER  learned a lesson in Conviction and Guilt.

We were driving home from Wal-Mart and Turner said; "Mom I have to tell you something. At Chuck E Cheese's when I won the hundred tickets on skeet ball I, um...CHEATED. When no one was looking I stood on the carpet and threw the balls in the 10,000 hole. It made me so scared and made my hair all sweaty. I do not think I will ever do that again! Are you mad at me?" ♥
I just HAD to tell you.  It has been coming into my brain over and over.  I am so - so - sorry.
Life's lesson in conviction and guilt...Need I say more?  How precious is that?!

TREVAN learned that Daddy's sometimes mean well - but can't fulfill their promises.

Trevan LOVES his daddy more than mommy loves chocolate.  He thinks Stace hung the moon and sprinkled the sky with stars.  Stace floats his boat and can do NO wrong.  Every single day he begs, whines, moans and barters to get Daddy to take him to the pool.  He LOVES to swim almost as much as he loves his dad.  Daddy will usually give in and take him.  BUT sometimes he promises that he will "do it tomorrow night".  Being too tired from working he reasons with, begs and finally Trevan will retreat with the promise of tomorrow.  Well today, was tomorrow.  Daddy came home - tired, dirty and just down right exhausted.  Working in the heat doing heavy demo took everything he had out of him.  Trevan saw him coming and got all suited up.  Ready to go to the pool he stood waiting and pounced on Daddy the minute he came in.  "Let's GO! Dad!  You said tomorrow and today is tomorrow!"  Looking at him with tired eyes he said - "Aw buddy - Daddy is so beat - can't I rest?  Just a little bit and we can go after dark for a night swim!  How is that?"  he coaxed.  "NOOOOOO!  I wanna go NOW!"  he whined.  "You PROMISED!"  he reminded.  After going round and round - Trevan learned that he was not going to win.  So he settled for the late night swim.  After returning from Wal-Mart he found Daddy asleep.  "Well - I guess he is not gonna take me NOW!" he cried.  Yes.  Sad but true.  Sometimes promises of yesterday that were meant for today have to wait till another tomorrow!

MOMMY learned that having 4 boys and trying to register 3 of them for a new schools can be a daunting task.

I am wiped out.  I have filled out more forms that I can count.  I have made countless trips to this school, that school, home to fill out forms, back to the schools, home to retrieve more documentation, fill out more papers, write checks, drive here - then there.  I am ready for all this to be  D O N E.  Mama told me there'd be days like this!  

LESSONS LEARNED each day.  I only wonder what tomorrow will bring!