Friday, October 2, 2009

Mr. Bossman: It's NOT OKAY~

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Well Happy Friday!  My kiddos are ready for the weekend and so am I.  Turner thinks that the work/school week should be 2 days and the weekend 5!  I kind of agree!  It gets hard come Thursday to give them that PUSH to make it through Friday!

I found out that I LOVE the internet more than I thought!  I did not realize how much I used it until we canceled our service!  It was $60 a month on top of Cable and we just could not afford a nearly $200 bill each month.  I called the cable company and told them what we COULD afford.  So cutting the internet and asking that they help me they cut my bill from $200 a month down to $75!  Amazing what happens when you ASK!

With that I am going to ASK you to pray for our financial situation.  As some of you know we fell prey to a scam artist who promised to help our son with a Christian Re-Hab and she took our savings - $2500.  Our pleas to return the money has fallen on deaf ears.  It feels really bad to not have any money saved at all.  We are struggling to make ends meet with Stace's job.  

I am sad to tell you that the company that he works for does not value their employees.  Instead of being thankful that they have hard working, dedicated, ethical individuals employed in their company they are more concerned with power and control.  His boss read about our situation in the L.A. Times and offered him a job knowing that we were without a home and had 4 kids to support.  He has taken advantage of my husband and refuses to pay him for the full amount of hours that he puts in.  They make demands, have deadlines and when Stace is gone from the home nearly 12 hours a day he only gets paid for 8 hours.  They do not care if he is making them a lot of money.  They pay for 8 hours and that is it.  They approve overtime then re-nig claiming they did not say such a thing.  When he refuses to pay my husband a lousy $50 here or $75 there - does he not care that he is robbing my children of food and much needed clothing and shoes.  He does not.  As long as he can maintain his indulgent lifestyle he thinks of no one but himself.  To me this is offensive and disgusting!

At what point do you stand up for the principle of the matter - knowing that your family will suffer as a result?  Case in point:  A couple months ago they had an OSHA Meeting where it was stated that an employer has the legal obligation to provide their workers with drinking water.  Stace was reprimanded for purchasing $4 worth of water a day for his crew.  He was banned from doing so and told to drink from a hose.  Stace is talked to in a rude fashion and is yelled at for simply trying to provide water to himself and his workers to keep them hydrated in this deadly heat!  Not only is this against the law it is just deplorable.  This man does not value his employees as HUMAN beings let alone as his employees.  He is grossly taking advantage of the declining economy and the fact that all these workers NEED their jobs to barely scrape by and keep a roof over head.  SHAME on him!  

I refuse to allow my husband to be treated in a sub-standard fashion and be taken advantage of simply because his boss feels he CAN.  I am going to stand up for what is right.  If that means my husband quits his job and I return to the workplace then so be it!

As I said before I am asking for your prayers in this matter.  We can not come this far in our journey only to be set back by an individual who is more concerned about the almighty dollar to put into HIS pocket rather than appreciating the dedicated individuals that he has MAKING the money for him.

You may try to hold us back - but you will not hold us down!  We are determined to rise above, go forth and prevail!

I pray for you - Mr. Bossman.  I pray that your heart be opened up to the huge injustice that you are reigning down on your valuable employees.  You will NOT get ahead or be a success when you treat people in this way!  You call yourself a follower of Christ??

So with that - I will give it over to God.  I ask that you intercede on the behalf of myself, my husband and kids.  Lift this situation up in prayer and give the trust to God.

I have HOPE and FAITH that the Lord has a mighty plan...

Until then.