Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boot Camp!

Check Out Kristy McLean

Okay - I am going to do it... I am going to go to BOOT CAMP with Kristy McClean tomorrow night at Foothill Ranch Park. Let me know if you want to get brave and join me!

How can I go wrong? They are doing BOOT CAMP FOR A CAUSE!
This session benefits Autism. Since Turner has an Autism Spectrum Disorder - I guess I will have to sacrifice myself! Pray for me - if you will.

I am not getting any younger and am not sure if this old bag of bones will tolerate a real - full fledged work out. My "fake" workouts - i.e. climbing the stairs of my apartment with groceries, walking to the mail box, carrying a sleeping child up 2 flights of stairs - are a thing of the past. I am committed to a NEW ME - so here we go!

BTW - I will wait until I get some results before I post photos - I am not ready to embarrass myself on here just yet! wink...wink!

I have gained a lot of weight over the past year as I have just had one stress after another. I also have a thyroid disorder and I can't take it anymore. So, hopefully I will not keel over and embarrass myself. I will let you know how I do! I want to be a lean mean Janean - again!

With a couple more weeks of Summer to go...we may take the kids to the beach today to build a sandcastle. No, I am NOT going in a bathing suit! That will be next year! The marine layer has not burned off yet and it is such a nice cool morning. I think we will head out this afternoon - I will take some photos and post them later.

I smell the sweet aroma of orange rolls baking - I will resist the temptation of my husband's ideas of breakfast and go eat something healthy - if my kids have not eaten all the healthy stuff in the fridge! LOL!

Make it a great day!