Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rwanda Bound! June 2010!


I have been called...

We had the pleasure of going to a Pot Luck at Church last night to hear the testimonies and details of the PEACE Trip that our friends took to Kigali, Rwanda AFRICA in June. We had such a great time, fun, food and fellowship.

Liza and Jeremy Gant are awesome and the DVD production that Jeremy put together made me cry! I just can not hear the voice of Bethia narrating in English with her adorable African accent without getting choked up. These kids are just precious and have such a heart for Jesus!

I felt a stirring to go on Missions to Africa about 5 years ago. For those of you who know me, you know that this is one of the things that is on my "Bucket List". I had so wanted to be on this PEACE Trip in June, but circumstances did not allow for that. I prayed for the team and anxiously checked Liza and Jeremy's Facebook as well as that of Ariel Plaza. I was so excited to see photos and hear of their work. I have traveled to RWANDA with the Plaza family and the PEACE Team in Spirit every year for the past several years. I had to glorious pleasure of meeting Pastor Francis' wife Dorothy when she came here last year.

I have been called to go next summer. I know for some "being called" is a vague thing. I really could not wrap my head around this term until it happened to me. I thought that only deeply spiritual people, ones who could quote scripture and were Exemplory Christians hear "the call" from God.

I guess it is like LOVE - when it happens to you - you just "feel it" and it is "known" to you.

I am open to where God wants me. I know that if it is the Lord's plan all obstacles will be removed. I have signed up to be a Kids Small Group Leader and am so excited to serve in this way. I love kids and feel blessed to share in the lives of our next generation to help them be Christ Followers with a purpose. My boys will attend Small Groups and Trenton is considering being a Student Leader. I have asked him to pray about it and see too, if he feels led to go to Africa.

We will see what the Lord has in store for us!

All God asks is that we be still and hear his voice. Feel his nudging - just be "available" to HIM. Try it and see what will be amazed.


Never say NEVER! God sees this as a great challenge and you will find yourself doing things you never dreamed you would do! (Kind of like me - a mom to FOUR boys! - I always KNEW I'd have a gaggle of girls with pretty pink dresses and hair pretties! = God has a sense of humor =)

Today is the "Big Day" for my lil Sprouts. We will be celebrating their turning 6 and 5 at a Pool Party at 5:30. We are gathering at a community pool here near our apartment and hope for lots of friends to come share a relaxing evening with us! Uncle Tony is making the cake and we are waiting with baited breath to see it! Believe me - photos will follow tomorrow!

Can't wait to see any and all of you who are coming! Have a great Sunday - and if you can go to hear the message at Saddleback. If not - listen to it online via the Internet Campus!

The series MEN and WOMEN Rising Above Culture just started with Debbie Eaton and Kenny Luck. Great Message!

I am going to enjoy the few more moments of PEACE in my quiet household as all the testosterone filled beings are still deep in slumber. My internal clock has been waking me at 5:30 am - perhaps "I" know how I need "me" time without realizing it!
Our minds they are complex machines!

I wish for you to have a peaceful, restful, renewing Sunday!

P.S. My out of the mouths of babes quote for today...

"Life is just all the movies that play in your head. You see the movies over and over and they make you into your own boy, I can't wait for the movie from today!" Turner age 6

I think the "movies" are memories. He has had some incredible recall lately of "movies in his head" some that were back when he was 3 year old - with great detail as to the clothing people were wearing, the sounds he heard and food he ate. Incredible!