Monday, August 24, 2009


Why is it that sneaking something makes it so much better?

My little Trevan is some piece of work. He has always been high maintenance. He was a fussy - not so easy to please baby - always crying and wanting something other that what I could give him.

When he got old enough to walk he was always getting into trouble. He would get into things much more than any of my other boys ever would. You had to be on guard 24/7. If there was a way around the gates, he would find it, often scaling the bars with his tiny little monkey toes. If there was a way to undo the child locks - he would - even if it meant picking at it for days with anything he could find. Always into mischief and causing trouble. That is Trevie! He is turning 5 in just a few days and starting Kindergarten this year. I hope his teacher is ready for him! Watch out KINDERGARTEN - here he comes!

I do not know why - but he loves to SNEAK things. He gets into the fridge and eats people's left overs. He sneaks into the cookie jar, candy jar and finds where I hide my gum. He sneaks his share and puts the wrapper back as if to say "I was here". He will find his brother's toys that have been carefully hidden away out of his tiny grasp that inevitably breaks things. He does not "mean to" - it just always happens that he breaks whatever he touches. He is curious. He questions everything and wants to know how and why. Perhaps he is destined for great things in life. YES. This is the reason. I have to tell myself this - so I do not want to hang him upside down by his toenails when he sneaks my permanent markers and colors on the furniture like a 2 year old. Greatness - he is destined for GREATNESS.

The other day I walked in and saw him "sneaking" the left over Chinese food that was suppose to be my husband's lunch. I could not help but chuckle and snap a photo as he looked so darn cute with the sun spotlighting his sneaky accomplishment as though he were on stage. I had told him earlier that he could not eat the left over orange chicken because Daddy was going to take it for lunch. He vehemently protested and asked me 100 questions as to when, where and why. Stomping off he begrudgingly placed the box back into the fridge. I came out of the room after grabbing a shower and saw him teetering on the bench eating the food as though he were King of the castle.

It obviously was a glorious feat for him and he did not seem to care that I would be displeased or perhaps punish him for going against my word.


So I ask - why is it so much better to sneak things? Is it the thrill and challenge of not getting caught? I know many adults that like to sneak things. Women who purchase items and hide them from their spouses. Men who gamble and keep it from "the little woman". Perhaps it is an addiction to "thrill". I don't know. I do know that I will have my hands full with this kid - when he hits his teen years. He is smart, he is cunning, he is charming and most of all sneaky! He has all the personality traits of my other 3 boys compounded and rolled into one.

Why Lord, do you have such a sense of humor? Giving me my last "blessing" just 13 months after the pregnancy from hell. We were satisfied with 3 boys. It had been a long tough road. 8 miscarriages, 2 attempts to adopt. A $798,000 medical bill from being hospitalized in labor for 69 days and having Turner born premature and in the NICU for weeks. DONE. Things were just jolly. Then on Valentine's Day I felt sicker than a dog only to burst out of the bathroom waving a positive pregnancy test around like a baseball bat coming way too close to my husbands head. I was bawling and blubbering so, that my husband could not figure out what in the heck was going on. Ducking out of the way of the pregnancy test stick I was wielding as a weapon he tried in vein to figure out why I was yelling.

"HOW could this happen?" I wailed. "I am nursing AND on the birth control pill!" I cried. "WHAT did YOU do to ME?" I shouted at him squinting my eyes into little slits. I then crumbled into a sobbing mess on the sofa. Some Valentine's Day! I vowed never ever to engage in the procreation act that got us into this mess again. I called my poor mother and nearly gave her a nervous breakdown. Funny God. Real funny. Maybe...just maybe it would be a girl...NOT!

Life with 2 babies just barely 13 months apart has had it's share of turmoil. We are just now - getting the hang of it and they are now 6 and almost 5. WHEW! I did not think I could get through those years, yet here I am.

Tired and old. Having FOUR boys takes the life outta ya. Heck - it SUCKS the life from every fiber of your being! I love them all very much - don't get me wrong. I just wish they would all slow down a bit and let me have some breathing room. Between the fighting and the bickering, the arguing and going to blows - I am a woman somewhere in there. I usually wear the hat of referee, taxi driver, cook, wardrobe consultant and maid to name a few, but am always "MOM!" when they need something.

One day they will all be grown and gone. Whatever will I do then? Perhaps SNEAK away for some much needed ME time . . . only then I probably won't need it like I do now!

One can DREAM...