Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poking holes in my logic...

Summer. What an interesting time of life. I love the summer. I am not sure though if I love what the summer is doing to my kids!

Perhaps it is the heat that is warping their brains. Perhaps it is the lack of a set routine. Perhaps it is . . . well I dunno what the heck it is - but I hope it goes away once school starts!

Trenton my 13 year old went away to spend a month with my brother and my nephew who is almost 15. The other cousins came down here to visit and Brenton had to stay behind for summer school. So, Trenton and Brenton were left to their teenage devices under the supervision of my brother. Trenton returned a while ago. He has an ego and an attitude the size of Montana!

First - his head of hair is enormous! I am jealous over the amount of natural curl, bounce and body that he has! I told him that he looked like a human mop and that we needed to get that hair cut before school started. THEN it started. He told me that the hair on his head was his, as his head was attached to his body and that he could do with it what he liked.

I debated that fact and told him that his body was MINE to do with what I wanted until he was 18 years old. I told him that my DNA made his body and that I carried his body in mine, delivered his body and have the scar to prove it!

He then told me that he was going to "POKE HOLES IN MY LOGIC"!

Of all the nerve! My KID was going to "poke holes in MY logic!??" He touted that only HALF of my DNA made up his body and that his father made up the other half. He then told me that neither of us "owned" him and that he was old enough to decided how he would wear his hair, how he would dress, and the way - he was getting his ears pierced!

"NO! NO! NO...!" He did NOT just say that...I thought. "Well, little man, let me inform you of some facts. " I started. "First, I am your MOTHER!" emphasis on the word MOTHER. "You will not speak to me in this tone. You will have respect for me - period. Second, your father and I are responsible for you until you turn 18. We put a roof over your head (or at least try to), provide your clothing and your food. WE have the ultimate say in how you will dress and how you will wear your hair. DONE. End of Story!" I said firmly with passion and conviction in my tone.

"Wellllll....." he went on. "What if I do not agree with your logic?"..."It is MY body, and I do not think you can force me to do anything - that is child abuse!" he said flatly.

I pulled the car over. I turned in my seat. I squinkled up my eyes until they were little slits. I said to him in the most stern voice I could muster... "CHILD ABUSE?! YOU WANNA SEE CHILD ABUSE?! I will inflict upon you some "CHILD ABUSE" if you decide to continue on with this conversation. YOU are getting your hair cut. You WILL NOT sag your pants or your underwear will be taken away. END. DONE. DO not say another WORD about these subjects. AND - YOU are NOT getting your ears pierced - GOT ME?!"

"Eh, Tssst, Sheesh - WHATEVER!" he replied.

I was livid. My blood boiling. I could not believe the nerve of this being in my vehicle - this creature that I birthed and have lived with for 13 years. I was blown away. I decided that I would have a talk with my husband and we would find a way to put an end to this "attitude".

Well, I have been trying - and he keeps pushing the envelope. He has now decided that he is not going to live with us this year - that he will go live with his uncle so he does not have to cut his hair. He does not want to start a new school and hates that the school dress code will not allow him to sport a hat. It is his "style" and he will wear a hat, period.

Much to his dismay - he will not be moving anywhere unless it is milatary school! He is going to be a student leader at Church along with me for Kids Small Groups. We are going to raise money together and we are going on a Missions Trip to Rwanda in June. I know this is much needed to help mold his attitude back into a respectable young man. Too much freedom this summer - I think is to blame for the inflated ego and the reckless abondon that he chooses to display when talking to his parents.

I will let you know how this plan works for me.

Each day, it seems is yet another adventure in the world of Motherhood!

Off to conquer the day!