Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Harsh Realities of Life

Las Vegas Weekend to See Daughtry

A month ago when I won tickets to see Daughtry in concert for Aug 22nd I was elated. I used the excuse that Stace was in a car accident last year 2 days before our 20 Year Wedding Anniversary, as a reason we could take a trip this summer. I thought - WOW - Daughtry! I LOVE them - and he liked them...well enough on American Idol.

I dreamed of getting away and enjoying a weekend with ...well... "just us". We have not gone away with out kids in ages and ages. If you know me, you know I LOVE to go places and do things. I had this trip in my mind since I won the tickets. I love to dream. I love to plan. I hate reality.

The reality is - we can't go. We have logistics where the kids are concerned. Taylor to worry about. Bills to pay - debts owed. We can not possible go. I have a friend who has offered up a hotel room at the TRUMP TOWERS for Friday Aug 21 and Sat Aug 22nd. If anyone would like to buy this "VEGAS WEEKEND" please let me know!
Email me at:

If we are able to sell the tickets and the room - know that the money will be used to pay our bills. The glamourous electric bill, the dazzling water and rubbish bill among others. It is a harsh reality of my life that as long as the economy is such, as long as I am indebtted to others; I will not be afforded any time away that involves spending money. At the time it all sounds so good then the "real world" creeps in.

Funny how "life happens" and how your sandcastle can quickly be washed away with one incoming tide.

The good thing is - I am over it. Having gone through all these challenges the past years - I am able to "recover" quickly.

I have great hopes, grand dreams and am just like you. We all desire to have a good time, get away, have a vacation from our reality. Sadly our reality is still here when we get back. Most times escaping does not afford much. It just compounds issues when you return.

My dreams were pruned. My "Dream Tree" was cut back. It will grow again and I will have a new focus. I will plan on my trip to Rwanda to fill me up, renew me and by my act of serving God will be more than I need to escape for a lifetime.

So - IF you can afford to go to VEAGS on my behalf and see Chris Daughtry in Concert - let me know - I have an awesome weekend for sale!