Tuesday, August 11, 2009


T is for Taylor
T is for Trenton
T is for Turner
T is for Trevan
T is for...

The hazy lazy days of summer have got me beat! I have moved from one activity to another and well, sleep has been last on the list. I am T I R E D. Plain and simple. I have done a bunch of Senior Portraits and a Birthday Party and have had my head buried in my computer in my "digital darkroom". I love doing it - it just takes so much T I M E!

Then there are the FOUR "T"'s . . .

Taylor. Between running him back and forth to see Kamille - well, he had a fall. He last night - fell off the wagon. He went out for a short "walk" and came in stumbling and drunk. How? How does he get alcohol? I do not know! He knows no one that we know of around our new place. So be it. He was drunk, we were upset, he passed out, he threw up. I cleaned it up - and did I not sleep - all night.

Trenton. He is back from going here and there. He is ALL "T" - as in TEENAGER. He has the teenage attacks of "thinking that mom and dad have lost their minds and he knows it all" often. We battle daily on subjects such as teeth brushing, hair cutting, ear piercing, music, music videos, language, etc. HE makes me TIRED.

Turner. Turner has a "T" problem. It is his TOOTH. He has his second wiggly tooth that likes to dangle. He is terrified of pulling it free but irritated by it's unpredictable way of flopping this way and that. He is consumed with this at the moment. Tiring!

Trevan. He is always busy. He is high maintenance. He spent all night crying hysterically. We never could ascertain why he was crying. Was it a nightmare? Don't know. Was he in pain? Won't know. He became mute and would do nothing other than cry. Weird. Regression. He is almost 5 - don't tell me we are going back to the terrible toddler years! Tiring. Very Tiring.

Today - I had more challenges than I had promises. I started out overwhelmed. I am still there to a degree. I have photos to edit, CD's to burn, coffee and toilet paper to purchase, medicine to by for Trevan - as he now has a stuffy nose, forms to turn in at the church, mail at my PO Box to collect, forms to gather to register the boys for school, doctor's records to request for Taylor's court date, bills to pay, laundry to do, the list goes on and on!

Sheesh - I really wish that throwing your hands in the air and screaming "CALGON...take me away ..." would result in me being whisked off to a Tropical Paradise somewhere and all my burdens would be washed down the drain!

If only it were that easy! I guess it would not then be called...LIFE!

Here are a few photos I took over the past days - thought I'd share!