Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prayers Answered...

Our "Angel" Chloe...

Long ago when Taylor was just 3 years old I met LaTisha. She was our babysitter until we moved away from Missouri six years later. She was the only one who ever kept Taylor and Trenton. I prayed for someone like her when Turner and Trevan came along. Much to my delight - my prayers were answered with Chloe and Megan.

It is such a blessing when someone loves your kids and actually wants to spend time with them! She plans activities and calls me asking if she can take them! WOW! A rare gem! Today she took them to her pool and then shopping for school clothes! She purchased them many outfits and then took them for pizza!

Chloe - we love you and Megan and will miss you when you leave to go to college!! I do not know how I will get along without you here!!

THANK YOU so much for blessing us time and again! You are very loved and appreciated! xoxo

I was able to get some things done while the kids were off having a fun day. I got my leader form turned in at church to be a Kids Small Group Leader. Trenton turned his Student Leader form in as well and we got the little guys signed up for their Small Group. We are heading to RWANDA next June!!

I went to pick up my mail - at the PO Box - mostly bills and a couple magazines. We did get a lovely birthday card from my old high school dance buddy Caprice - with gift cards for the boys for their birthdays. Such a kind gesture - they were jumping for joy! They cherish getting mail - and so do I. Thank you Caprice for thinking of them!!

I then met my mom for a movie. She treated me to "Julie and Julia". Sweet and funny movie - I really enjoyed it a lot. It was so nice to get away and relax. I love to escape and see a good movie that makes me laugh!

I am home now - I dropped Taylor off at Kamille's and came home to find my overworked husband resting in bed. He is sunburned and tired. His job is not working out to be very economically beneficial and he may need to take a leap of faith and go back out on his own!

If you have any remodeling work or handy man stuff that you need done - let us know! His hours have been restricted and he needs to work - we need to make money to keep a roof overhead!

Once I know the kid's school schedules - and see if Trevan has morning or afternoon Kindergarten I will look into working again. I am still available for Portrait Sessions on location - so let me know if you are looking to have photos done! I do parties and special occasions too!

Speaking of a party...if you are ever in need of something fun and free to do - buy your kid a slinky and go to The District in Tustin - go on a weekday - when it is not too busy. There is an escalator that leads to the STRIKE Bowling Alley and well - needless to say...if my calculations are correct SLINKY + ESCALATOR = EVERLASTING FUN! Best part it is FREE!

Have a great night!