Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Bithday to MY BABY!

He was a little unexpected Blessing From Heaven, so we named him TREVAN.  He entered the world early as a tiny fragile little guy.  He was a little fighter from the start.  He is tiny, but mighty.  He lights up a room with his smile.  He asks more questions than any 5 year old I have ever seen!  He is a worry wart, and always takes care of his OLDER brothers.  
His favorite color is BLUE, "dark blue" as he says.  He loves books and one of his favorites is "No, No Jack..." He loves music and going to Church.  His favorite song is "Blessed Be Your Name" and he knows all the words.  If he could take a trip he would go to Hawaii.  He thinks his mom and dad are both 40, and that Taylor is 13.  He thinks Trenton is 9 and the only one he has right is Turner - who is 6.

He analyzes situations.  He is very observant.  He cares for everyone and attempts to make meals, he is Turner's keeper and he knows more about MY schedule than I do!  He is not big on "toys" like action figures or cars.  He likes balls, swim fins, skateboards, bikes and rollerblades.  (he only possesses a ball or two and some swim in an apt. makes the others a bit hard!) 
He says his Daddy drills, saws and hammers for his job.  His mommy works on her computer - that's all.  He is obsessed with keeping a schedule and always wants to know what time it is.  He does not like being late...a little like his mom here! 

He loves the beach, is a fish in the pool - he can almost swim the entire length underwater without taking a breath!  He moves like a dolphin!  He dives to the deep end and treads water like it is nothing!  He wants to be an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST - he told me yesterday!  Today he is no longer a "baby" he is after all "A WHOLE HAND!"  He is my last and will always be MY BABY...little does he know!

Happy birthday to my lil tiny peanut...we love you very much!