Monday, August 17, 2009

Nothing is really MINE!

Is there something more to this? Or is it a case of Boys will be Boys?

Living in 900 square feet along side 5 males - can be challenging to say the least. Torturous at times. I do not have ANY space let alone my OWN space. I do not have much that is MINE either.

For example take the "things" that I buy, then bring home to covet as my OWN.

I buy fruit, ripe delicious fruit that I carefully choose for it's shape and ripeness. In an effort to have a healthy breakfast I prepare my vanilla fat free yogurt, sprinkle on my low fat granola and go to the fridge for the piece de resistance -
my chosen fruit. I look and it is gone. I crouch down inspecting the contents of the fridge closer - I move things this way and that. Humph. No fruit. I then start taking the items OUT of the fridge - really searching.

As I do this a lil sprout pops in - "Whatcha doin' mom?" he asks. "I am looking for my berries" I say flatly. "Oh, those bumpy ones?" he chimes. "Yep..." I say as I continue to search. "Those are all gone. I ate them." he says flatly.
"WHAT?!" I say jumping to my feet. "You ate the WHOLE basket?" I question. "Yep. Daddy said I could. I ate them ALLLLLLL up when you were gone yesterday." he smiles slyly.

Crap. This starts my day. Plain gross yogurt with a bit of granola. - NO "piece de resistance ". FRUITLESS.

I finish my disappointing breakfast and hit the shower.

Now mind you we have a SHOWER in one bathroom (the boys bathroom) and a TUB in my bathroom. The tub does have a shower but the water pressure is so high that the water escapes the confines of the shower curtain liner and curtain and I end up with a miniature water feature on my floor when I am done. So, we use this bathroom to take BATHS and we all SHOWER in the other.

This explains my next diddy.

Being financially challenged, we buy generic, store brand items - or whatever is cheapest and on sale. Recently my brother Brian has been sharing with me how his extremely frugal girlfriend purchases hundreds of dollars of merchandise for pennies on the dollar using coupons, rebates and watching sales. If you look up the definition of "penny-wise" or "frugal" in the dictionary her name will appear next to it. SHE is amazing at being thrifty. She has a future in giving lessons to others on how to purchase what you want with little or no money. The bonus is she looks like a million bucks, is hip and trendy and does not look like a "meager, parsimonious, penny-pinching" louse.

Anyway - back to my story...

Inspired by her I decided to clip some coupons from the paper I found carelessly tossed aside alongside my apartment dumpster. I grabbed the coupons and snuck up my stairs looking guilty - like I had just stolen some one's wallet. I came in and rifled through the coupons looking for some "prize". I found some savings possibilities on the items I needed from Target. Toilet Paper and Dish Washing Tabs.

I clipped them out carefully as to not disturb the bar code as I know this can be an issue. I set out to Target to compare the price of the generic store brand against the name brand - with the coupons. In my quest - I found coupons for PANTENE SHAMPOO - wow, I thought to myself - it would be nice to have some "non-generic shampoo of MY VERY OWN". I clipped them and thought if the price was right I just might indulge myself.

I was pleased to find I could delight in the purchase of CHARMIN toilet paper with my $2.50 off coupon as it was less expensive this way than the "no name, scratchy, rough, generic" T.P. I got the dish washing tabs and I then headed down the shampoo aisle filled with hope and excitement.

There it was. A grandiose display of PANTENE Products. I had a coupon for $2.00 off one shampoo and $2.00 off one conditioner. As my luck would have it - they were on sale for $2.89 each. With my coupons this would make them a very affordable $.89 each! Whoo Hoo!

I did my little happy dance taking careful note that no one was around to see me looking like a fool in the shampoo aisle. I then embarked on the selection process.


I stepped back feeling a panic attack coming on. I was pleased that I was alone and did not have the boys with me. I would NEVER had been able to make an intelligent selection if they were there chattering and fighting!

I finally decided on ... dunt, dunt, da, dum....

This shampoo promised to Helps strengthen* thin hair for a thick, full look. Perfect - just what I need!

It says that thin and thinning hair can look full, thick and shining with Full & Thick Shampoo. It then goes on to seal the deal by touting - The Pro-vitamin formula helps protect hair against damage. Use as a system with Pro-V Full & Thick conditioner to:
Strengthen hair against damage and prevent hair loss from breakage...
Help maintain a thick look from root to tip!

Most EXCELLENT! I can hardly wait to try my name brand, frugal purchase. I grab my shampoo and the complimenting conditioner and head to the check out coupons in hand.

"I bought me some SPECIAL Shampoo and Conditioner...DON'T USE IT...okay" I announced to the masses. Fearful that my announcement fell on deaf ears, I then went into the bathroom and stashed MY new shampoo in the shared shower.

I put it BACK behind the huge bottle of COSTCO Shampoo that the boys use, you know the one you get in a 2 pack with a pumper thing on top. It is almost gone - but has just enough to hold them over until I fill it with some of the 88 cent SUAVE that I have stashed in the closet. I was sure it would go unnoticed back behind the big bottle. Just to be sure I shoved the face scrub and body wash in front of the shampoo bottle in an effort to provide a distraction. Satisfied with my efforts I went about my night.

The next day came. Stace showered. I gave no thought to my coveted name brand shampoo and conditioner. Taylor showered. Still no thought. Trenton showered. THEN it was my turn. I was excited to try my new products.

As I got undressed, got the water just the right temp and slid the door open - there I saw them. MY new SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER - upfront glaring at me.

Both with the pop tops open, one upright and one on it's side - vicariously perched on the seat of the shower with it's contents ready to spill out any moment. I quickly righted the bottle. I was standing in my shower in disbelief.

Could it be? Did ALL of them use MY new name brand products? I felt so violated.

I showered and used my new shampoo and conditioner - but I will have to say the zest and zeal was not there. THEY had taken the wind out of my sails.

I was going to confront them all - but figured it would do no good.

After all - it is not like we have a miniature security guard in the shower - they will use it even if I ask them not too.

Nothing is sacred. Not even SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER.

At least they do not try to wear my jewelry ... yet. LOL!