Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Give yourself a "time out"!

Kids.  They say the darndest things.  

Today I worked in Trevan's class.  He kept telling his friends that I was NOT his mother.  He announced to his peers that I was his "cousin visiting from Japan"!  Now THAT made me laugh!

Where did he come up with this?  I'll never know.  He does not have any cousins that live in Japan!

I am blessed that my kids pepper my day with laughs mixed in with the mini-heart attacks.  

Just now - as I am sitting here at the pool writing you Turner took a bad spill on the wet cement.  I constantly yell "Do not RUN" while at the pool.  Now he knows why.  I saw him in slow motion...his feet coming out from under him...him sliding on his back and forearms then WHACK!  He hit his head on the concrete as I ran to him.  Being a sensitive mom I asked if he was okay and checked him up and down before I gave him the "SEE I TOLD YOU SO" speech.

"Sheesh!"  I exclaimed.  "You gave me a heart attack!"  I told him.  "Well, mom...  YOU need to give yourself a TIME OUT." he replied.  "In Time Out - you can RELAX."  

Oh, that would be so nice!  I may just do that.  Give myself a "time out".  


Are you over worked, over stressed, over scheduled, over burdened?  Give yourself a "time out"!  

Sometimes kids have some great advice.  I think I am going to take my son up on this one.

If you do not hear from me for a few days - it is because I am in "TIME OUT" and I may never come out!