Monday, October 12, 2009

Nothin like a Newborn Baby!

Nothing like spending the morning with a Newborn Baby!  Just what the Doctor ordered for a gloomy fall day!  I had a great time taking portraits of this sweet little man!  Somehow just holding a precious little life in your arms makes the world just fade away!  I love it!  I had to come home though and face "my world" again!  Thanks for the escape Tanya and baby Blake!

Our budget for the week is going to be shot as Stace made a bee line back home this morning.  It seems the boss had no work on the books if rain was in the forecast.  This means no work tomorrow or Wednesday either.  HUGE hit.  If he does not work he does not get paid.  I do not know what we will do other than pray and leave it up to God!

I tried not to stress about it all day - but that is hard.  I put some chicken in the crock pot and we have been smelling Hawaiian bbq all day long.  Can't wait to go make some white rice and eat it tonight!  Gotta find the bright spots where you can!

I had a parent teacher conference today with Turner's teacher and he is doing fantastic!  What a blessing!  I am so pleased that he is thriving and is happy!  Tomorrow the kids do not have school and it seems rain is on the horizon.  Not sure what we will do all 6 of us inside all day - that ought to be a fun one!

Taylor's air mattress that he sleeps on somehow got a hole in it and I need to run tonight to find a replacement.  I just can stand seeing one of my kids sleeping on the floor.  It breaks my heart.  He does not mind - he is happy to.  I just feel so bad!  So - wish me luck in finding a cheap one - or one on clearance - that would be ideal!

So - that is just about it for the Lindner's today.  I am gonna head back home before the rain comes.  I do not know what I will do for internet access when it rains!  Sitting here at the pool will not be an option!  Oh well...we'll see what happens!