Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Only in California!

Gotta love Southern California!  This is one place that is so unpredictable!  The weatherman called for buckets of rain yesterday and we got a few sprinkles.  Today the same.  My husbands employer called off work due to the impending precipitation and we did not get any - yet.  Sprinkled among moments of cloudy skies and then sunny - my kids are SWIMMING in October.  Only in California!  The 4 of them are roughing it up being loud and rowdy in the pool as I bake Sour Cream Green Chili Enchiladas.  MMMMMM!  

I have Small Group Bible Study tonight and my family is looking forward to the season premiere of HELL'S KITCHEN.  Life for right now - this moment is good.  It makes me happy to see my kids playing and actually getting along - for right now - this moment!  I sit here at the pool in the comfortable breeze under cloudy skies.  I am enjoying the moment.  It has been said that TONIGHT we will be poured down upon by the rainstorm that is coming.  I love the rain.  I just hate having to get out in it!  Getting kids to school and keeping them dry will be a challenge.  Wish me luck!

I just looked up to see the light gray clouds sailing across they sky like little boats.  My view lined with palm trees and pines swaying in the gentle breeze.  I love nature.  I am looking forward to my trip out of town this weekend.  I am going on a photo expedition to witness the great Sequoia Trees.  I have never had the chance to see these up close and personal.  It will be nice to get away with "the girls" and teach and learn.  Photography is a love of mine.  I think I was born with a camera in hand!  LOL!

Stace is still perusing the job openings as is Taylor.  Pray that something comes available or that we can find something!

Well - as all good things come to an end - this moment of peace is too...now over.  Taylor, Trenton and Turner were playing around and Turner tripped over Trenton and just crashed into the pavement.  Cheekbone hitting the ground, shrieks erupt.  Now arguing over who will use which towel has now set the scene for a grotesque verbal bantering session.  A large red mark has now formed on Turner's fair face.  Will it be a black eye?  We will wait and see.  Now dad is reprimanding the foursome and it is time to go make dinner.

Here's wishing you a nicer evening than this is turning out to be!  LOL!