Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lazy days are gone...

The lazy days of Summer are gone and Fall is finally here.  

I love my days at the beach - lazing in the sun.  Now it is time to bundle yourself up and enjoy the misty mornings at the shore.  I think this week I will head down to Treasure Island for a little "me" time.

This weekend was filled with family fun and chores.  When my life seems a bit crazy I try to do as much as humanly possible to get things under control.

We spent time with my brother at my mom and dad's last night.  We enjoyed laughing and eating and just lazing about.  Today after coffee - we got busy organizing closets and doing 100 loads of laundry.  Not really - but close to it.  I try to get 10 outfits together on Sunday complete with socks and undies organized in ziplock baggies so that the week can go smoothly in the way of dressing Turner and Trev to get them out the door and to school on time.

I planned the menu for the week - as we have exactly $190 for this weeks food.  I am trying to stick to a budget - $50 a week for car gas for each car and putting away $388 a week for rent.  I'll let you know how this works out!

I got the meals planned - and thanks to Erika we are now proud owners of a CROCK POT!  I am so excited!  Tomorrow will be sweet and tangy BBQ Chicken and rice in the slow cooker!  I am baking chicken and stuffing as we speak.  I got the Target run done and now am looking forward to a hearty dinner and relaxing with the kids before the new week begins.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of photographing a new little life!  I will post photos tomorrow when I am done.

Make it a great week!