Saturday, January 10, 2009
Day 10 of my 31 Day Challenge
(life right now is my challenge...)

Today - wow. I did not have time to post this morning - tried to spend some "quality time" with the lil guys before I left for work. I tried to be good, eat my breakfast and gather all my work items - including my healthy snacks and water before heading out the door. I went with sad heart as I had received an email this morning stating that I am "OVER QUALIFIED" for the job that I applied for with Kaiser Hospital. Working only 3 days a week is not helping a tremendous amount. I have officially now applied for 67 jobs for both Stace and Myself with NOTHING...

I tried to be a "happy star" today at work. The precious little bundles brought joy to my day.
My challenge was to help people. I helped people find their hospital rooms when they looked lost. I held the door for people. I did things to make the nurses jobs easier. Yes, it took up some of my "time" but I had to do something outside of myself. It was rewarding.

I got a call as my day was winding up, from Stace. He told me that we were served with a "Three Day Pay or Quit" Notice. Wow. Have you ever wondered HOW people become homeless? I know I have.
Now I know. Life happens. One day all is well and then BAM.

Now we, too may be homeless in a matter of time. I really have no idea what we will do - or where we will go. The economy is so bleak. The job market is impossible. Stace even with his limitations has been turned down by the Irvine Company and other Property Management Companies as being "Over Qualified". I do not know what to do other than claim we are "un-qualified" - "un-educated" - just plain "UN" in general.

So - that being said - I hope that people can see that yes - I am a regular "joe".
I am not an Orange County Housewife. Far from it...
I may be living in a tent in your backyard - soon.

My Tid Bit for today -
...Enjoy what you have - each little bit - because you never know if tomorrow - it will be GONE...