Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9 of my 31 Day Challenge...

Today I go to work at Kaiser. I am going to make it a great day! My challenge today is to be as cheerful as I can be to each and every person I come in contact with. This will be challenge - as I am not in a very uplifted state of mind. I am going to push myself. I am also going to take the stairs and NO elevators today!

Yesterday Stace took some photos of Trevan and I at the park. It was just so neat to get out in the fresh air and see the cool colored leaves falling from the trees. Trevan had a great time. I think everyone needs to get out and enjoy the beautiful days when they can. It really is an uplifting experience! I got to go to the gym last night and did one whole hour of cardio! I even got in some resistance training with weights and it made me feel a sense of accomplishment. I then went to my mom's to type some things and we had a great time of laughing togehter. Laughter is really the BEST medicine!

Today's Tid Bit...
I really wanted to sample the new Lilly Pulitzer Fragrances. I wrote to them via their website and they are now able to SEND you the samples FREE!
Sooo...if you too, want to try these out go to:
Lilly Pulitzer
Fill out the contact form and ask them to send you samples!! Enjoy!