Monday, January 5, 2009

LIFE is a ROLLERCOASTER and I want off!

I received a letter today that I want to share with you. I realize now in this wide world on the internet that the link to your blog may get sent to people who do not know you or your "Roller Coaster of Life"...
So thank you Heidi for your letter - and thank you for allowing me to share it on my blog.

Here is Heidi's letter:

Hello there.
I have been reading your blog that was forwarded to me by a friend. I enjoy reading it very much and love your "tid bits". I want to share something with you and hope that you do not get offended. I see you are living in Orange County, CA. I am in OHIO. I know that it is warm there and very beautiful. I am sure you live in a million dollar home and I know the median income in your town is over $50,000. I wonder IF your views on HOPE would be different if you had your home in foreclosure had to move 3 kids to a small apartment and had a husband that worked more that he was at home. I wonder how jazzed you would be about losing weight if you needed to take off 50 pounds caused by stress and you only had macaroni and cheese in your pantry. I wonder how you could go on each day and SMILE if you were NOT an Orange County Housewife? Please know your blog is amusing and it helps me escape my reality - the one that is sure to be the reality of most. I see you are a photographer and your work is beautiful. I wish you success in what is sure to be a sure money maker there. Just remember the "regular joes" out here and toss a gripe or a complain in your blog now and again so we know you are "real".
Keep on blogging!

Dear Heidi,

I AM a regular joe.
No, we do not live in a million dollar home. We in fact, do not even OWN a home. My husband who earned a living as a remodeling contractor was injured in a car accident almost 4 months ago. We have not had income for most of the past 4 months and have not even been able to make our rent the past 3 months.

Last Christmas I lost my job and my best friend. Last January my oldest son was injured in a skateboarding accident and suffered a significant brain injury. My son is still struggling and my husband is in physical therapy. Both are searching for employment.

I have 4 boys ages 18, 13, 5, and 4. My 5 year old has an autism spectrum disorder. So you see, I have had challenges, and continue to have them with each passing day. I had just started to get my photography business off the ground when my husband was injured. I had no time to book appointments and had to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives.

I have had to seek another avenue of employment because I need to now support our family. I found a job but it is only 3 days a week. It is not near enough to even cover 2 utility bills. I hope you see that I am trying to find hope and joy in each day despite my circumstances. I wish to enlighten other people and "keep on keeping on".

Believe me - it is hard. I have my struggles each and every day.
I am on the SCARY Roller Coaster of Life and believe me -